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East Africa's Newest Wreck

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East Africa’s Newest wreck

This conservation initiative aims to create a new (artificial) reef in the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve, Kenya.

Comarco has generously donated not only the MPV Fish Eagle, but also the cleaning and preparing of the vessel.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (the management authority of the marine park) is also actively supporting this project and will work with the dive centers to raise the profile of the upcoming dive site.


Project is organised by:

Comarco Group Buccaneer DivingSubSea Kenya Wildlife Service

MPV Fish Eagle











MPV Fish Eagle has reached the end of her life and rather than being decommissioned and sold for scrap metal, she will be sunk in the Mombasa Marine Park to act as an artificial reef.

She is 53m multi purpose vessel that was originally built in Germany by J.G. Hitzler Schiffswerft (Hitzler shipyard) in 1966.

Her early days were spent as an oil field supply vessel in the North Sea.

In the early 80’s a British company called Eagle Tugs Ltd bought her and changed her name from the original Fangturm to Fish Eagle. The company positioned her in Mombasa to assist with the rising oil industry in Madagascar.

MPV Fish Eagle was purchased by Comarco in 1997 and has been based in Mombasa ever since.

Throughout her time in Mombasa Fish Eagle has been used as an offshore supply vessel, a tug, an accommodation vessel and a diving support vessel, in the following countries: Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Eritrea, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

MPV Fish Eagle has performed her multi-facetted jobs with distinction, however, the time has come to retire her.

MVP Fish Eagle Gallery

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Preparations for the sinking

Preparations are done.

Planed date of sinking: TBA

When a vessel reaches the age and/or state of retirement there is generally one of two possible options: decommission the vessel for scrap metal (the most commonly used method and the most profitable for the owner), or use the vessel to create an artificial reef.

Before a vessel can be sunk as an artificial reef, it must be cleaned of all materials toxic to the environment. This includes all lubricants, hydrocarbons (oil and diesel), and refrigeration coolants.

Furthermore, all machinery (including the engines), electrical materials (appliances and wiring), wall paneling and insulation material will also be removed from the vessel.

Once the vessel is cleaned, it will be prepared for diver safety: doorways will be widened, windows will be removed, access holes will be cut throughout the vessel and any areas deemed unsafe for diver visitation will be permanently sealed.

Preparations Gallery

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Controlled Sinking

Planed date of sinking:

The location for this new artificial reef will be on a flat sandy area about 300m off of the main fringing reef within the park. This barren sandy area currently offers no shelter or substrate and therefore attracts little wildlife.

On 28. October 2002. Comarco and Buccaneer Diving successfully sunk Dania. You can view the video of the sinking of the dania, and diving the dania on the right

Photos and videos of Fish Eagle sinking will be posted here.

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Dania sinking - 28. October 2002.

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Artificial Reef / Dive Site

This conservation initiative aims to create a new (artificial) reef in the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve by sinking MVP Fish Eagle.

It will achieve this by creating shelter and habitat for fish, and by providing substrate for coral (and other invertebrates) to attach onto.

Once the ship is sunk, it will not only attract huge schools of fish and other diverse marine life (as have the MV Dania and MV Alpha Funguo), but also recreational scuba divers.

The local diving industry is given a great boost having a dive site such as this to offer and the wreck’s popularity has already been guaranteed by local support and interest.


For all additional information and questions please contact:

Project Coordinator

Sander den Haring, Ph.D.

T. +254 71 174 8606